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Author: Jan Thomson, TELT

MEDIAL is a new mashup tool within Blackboard Learn that facilitates the ability to embed audio and video content directly within a Blackboard space without the need to copy and paste any HTML coding or logging into multiple systems.

When audio and video files are uploaded from within Blackboard, the media file is uploaded directly to the Video Library Server (VLS) where it is immediately optimised for media streaming.  As the VLS is hosted on our own UCLan servers this provides a private, secure environment for any content.

How to access MEDIAL

MEDIAL is a Mashup tool accessible from the Build Content button, or from within the Text box editor of Items.  This means that video/audio content can be uploaded anywhere that there is access to the text box editor by both staff and students.  For staff this could include adding items to a content area, creating announcements and assignments, or posting a discussion board topic. Students are able to upload their own media for an assignment or when collaborating on the discussion board, blogs, wikis, or journals.

MEDIAL can be used on most mobile devices, Surface Pros, PC or Laptops to view or record content.

There are several effective uses for the MEDIAL Mashup:

  • Instructors can embed videos as content to enhance or supplement their course materials. Some examples of videos include recorded class lectures (instead of or to supplement in-class lectures), interviews with specialists from the discipline, artistic performances (music, theatre, or dance), athletic performances and demonstrations of lab procedures.
  • Instructors can share existing audio or video content from the VLS or upload new content from files located on their PC/Laptop, to prompt assignments or discussion board topics, such as case study scenarios or current events.
  • Instructors can provide feedback on student assignments by recording live web cam videos or audio and embed these as part of the Feedback or Comments within a Blackboard Assignment.
  • Students can create audio or video recordings to submit for assessments, such as a recorded presentation, group debate, interview practice or performance.  These can be captured directly from the MEDIAL webcam, or by uploading files located on their PC/Laptop.

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