Guest post – DigiLearn: What a team!

Published by Caroline Carlin on

Author:  Andrew Sprake Lecturer (School of Sport and Wellbeing)

Our 2nd Year students have been introduced to Microsoft Teams as part of our Socio-Cultural modules. All students are now connected through a dedicated Teams channel with the view to enhance their online and collaborative learning. Many thanks to Chris Melia, from the Technology Enabled Learning Team (TELT) for demonstrating the basics and the wider value of Teams to our students.

As technology is developing so rapidly, we, as a course team, are committed to harnessing these developments and embracing the technologies which provide a meaningful and effective learning experience. Many of our students aspire to work in the world of teaching which is invariably becoming more reliant on technology. Our students will be encouraged to make valuable use of Microsoft Teams in order to maximise the learning technology whilst, at the same time, develop their 21st Century Skills.

Our students immediately engaged with the online learning platform and it has already proven extremely useful both for classroom based activities and independent study. Microsoft Teams will now play a crucial role in the facilitation of our 2nd Year socio-cultural module, and we look forward to sharing the fantastic work that the students are producing!



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