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Author: Paddy

My experience at UCLan has been brilliant. The atmosphere is positive with no arguments or any sort of hateful behaviour. The first day was an introduction to the team and I met Colette, Phil, Mark and Kevan who are all very nice people and I was also shown how everything worked. I was given a surface which is a laptop which was amazing soon I was editing a video in no time.

The next day I was working with Steve who showed me how to set up computers which was interesting and I learnt a lot on that day.

On Wednesday I was at a teaching conference and I signed people into the event and for the rest of the day I was working with Derek and I was taught how to set up computers and taking orders from people who needed new equipment.

On Thursday I worked with the media team who were Adam and Bill which was absolutely amazing. I used massive cameras that cost more than my house *exaggeration* The best part was making a silly small film which I filmed and edited on premier pro. We used lots of different equipment which meant that I had an experience with everything and I learnt a lot.

On Friday I finished off editing my film and I showed everyone on my team I was so happy that everyone liked it (although they might be just being nice) I have never seen people react to my videos and I found it amazing to see their reaction. Click here to see my film Then I am writing this right now like this is being typed at this moment.


This week has been such an eye opener and I have nothing but “thank you” to the Colette and the team for giving me the experience of working at UCLan




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