Bridging the Digital Divide 

Published by Caroline Carlin on

Author: Kevan Willams

Developing a digitally inspired, contemporary learning experience against the backdrop of continuing sector change is an ongoing challenge for all higher education organisations.  

The implementation of new and emerging learning technologies offers some opportunity to respond to these changes, but other factors play a significant part in any successful strategy. 

Aligning investments in people, places and pedagogy offers a collective response to the challenges digital innovation creates for the design and delivery of creative, engaging and inspiring curricula. 

Investment in people – Universal allocation of personal tablet computing technology for academic staff, to facilitate a move away from a traditional tethered desktop experience, enabling more agile and flexible approaches to work, study and research. 

Investment in places – Refurbishment and regeneration of the on-campus classrooms to facilitate approaches to digitally enabled teaching and the provision of a contemporary student learning experience. 

Investment in pedagogy – Implementation of a programme of staff development, combining pedagogical approaches and complementary technologies to augment the positive impact of the investments in our people and places. 

This combined approach demonstrates the importance of collaborative working and in taking a holistic view to the implementation of innovative digital practice.  

By aligning the three key components (People, Places, Pedagogy) the institution empowers academics to be digitally creative in the design of their curriculum, and innovative and engaging in the delivery of their practice. 


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