The magic of the Surface Pro pen

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Author: Val Lawrenson

I suspect you know the story, of Bethlehem and three wise men

Well here is a different story; it is about the magic of the Surface Pro pen

Despite its boring exterior and the very important magnetic strip

The magic of the pen is hidden in the number of sensors in its tip.

Just like the Babe in the manger, whose story has lasted millions of years,

I went to the TELT surface pen training, and I could hardly believe my ears.

You can use it to annotate papers, you can change handwriting into readable text

But, that’s not the only magic, you’ll not believe what’s coming next.

Once blue-toothed, paired and connected, around the classroom you can freely roam,

You can even share documents with students, so they can access them on their phone.


You can find out more about the Surface pen magic, by accessing the TELT website.

And I promise it won’t take many sessions, very soon like me you’ll be able to write.

You can annotate your powerpoints as you use them in your class,

and if there is an important point you can save it, so the information always lasts.


For me the true magic, is the clicker component of the Surface Pro pen

You can click once to open an application, a second click will blow you away.

The options they are endless and will save you hours of time each and every day.

By now I guess you’re feeling the magic, by now I bet you are hooked.

So it’s time to grasp the nettle it’s time to get your session booked.


The Technology Enabled Learning Team are amazing, they are patient, forgiving and kind,

and all the support they have to offer is very easy for you to find.

I urged you to visit the TELT website, go look and see when you might be free

I promise you won’t be disappointed you’ll be amazed and excited like me.



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